In a recent study published by the journal, Research in Gerontological Nursing, Reiki was found to reduce pain. depression and anxiety in older patients in a community setting such as nursing homes.

Study participants were randomly assigned to either an experimental or wait list control group. The pre- and post-test measures included the Hamilton Anxiety Scale, Geriatric Depression Scale-Short Form, Faces Pain Scale, and heart rate and blood pressure.

A quick summary from the report.

Significant differences were observed between the experimental and treatment groups on measures of pain, depression, and anxiety; however, no changes in heart rate and blood pressure were noted.

Analysis of treatment notes and interviews revealed five broad categories of responses:
• Relaxation
• Improved physical symptoms, mood and well-being
• Curiosity and a desire to learn more
• Enhanced self-care
• Sensory and cognitive responses to reiki.

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