FAIRHAVEN, Mass. — BankFive and WSAR have named New Bedford native Judith Rego as the 163rd Hometown Heroine. Rego was recognized for her admirable volunteer efforts helping terminally ill patients receive comfort through Community Nurse & Hospice Care. Friends, family, CN&HC employees and volunteers, bank employees, and community leaders were on hand at an award ceremony held at the agency's headquarters at 62 Centre St. in Fairhaven. "Using Reiki, she has been able to relieve the pain of her patients and increase the quality of their lives for the time she works with them," said William Vickery, branch manager of BankFive's Fairhaven Office. "She gives her time not only comforting and easing patients, but also consoling and helping their families and caregivers. She is truly a remarkable person." A retired educator, Rego is no stranger to serving the needs of others. In retirement, she learned Reiki, a method of energy balancing and healing through the palms of one's hands. She uses this unique skill to heal patients in their homes and help them to feel at peace.

Rego is also actively involved in bereavement assistance groups sponsored by CN&HC and has helped the agency and its staff with fundraising efforts and events.

"Knowing that patients are calmer and comforted gives me a great deal of satisfaction," Rego said. "I enjoy helping them to feel at peace and appreciate receiving the award. I will continue to do my part in helping patients maintain their dignity and quality of life."

The Hometown Hero Award was established in 1993 by BankFive in cooperation with radio station WSAR to recognize individuals in our community for heroic deeds, acts of kindness, and selfless efforts to make the SouthCoast a better place for all of us. Since its inception, BankFive has honored 163 Hometown Heroes.

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