• Sag Harbor, NY - Holistic healing in hard times.
  • In A prospective, nonblinded, partially randomized patient preference design using 21 subjects undergoing colonoscopy for the first time, Reiki was found to lower anxiety and the need for pain medication in colonoscopy patients according to a study in this months issue of Gastroenterology Nursing Magazine.
  • Denver, CO - Reiki is mentioned in a Denver Post article as a method used to treat back pain.
  • Chicago, Il - Reiki is called "miracle grow" for humans and explained by Bernadette Doran in this publication by the Medill School.
  • Alberta, Canada - A skeptic tries Reiki and writes about her experience in an article published in the Airdrie Echo.
  • Portland, ME - A local news channel reports that "Cancer patients benifit from Reiki" Although a few errors were made such as the healer does not channel his/her own energy, Reiki is not 2000 year sold, and it did not come from Tibet, overall it was a good report on the benefits of Reiki.
4/24/2011 09:06:55

Hi, These were really intersting news stories. Can I ask how you find news stories like this about Reiki? I don't really find many interesting news articles when I do a Google search. I'd love to be able to post some Reiki related news stories sometimes at one of my blogs. Many thanks

Ryan Leary
4/26/2011 09:41:50

You can set up google alerts to send you links of anything new that pops up on the web about a subject of interest. Thats how I get most of my info, hope that helps.



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